We only really win… together!
The RCI is a collaboration and sharing network for high-impact food projects to create:

  • Healthy, resilient economies
  • Thriving organic local food systems
  • Greater community cohesiveness

About the Regenerative Community Initiative

Big Dreams. Practical Solutions.

The RCI is making it possible to regenerate our beautiful planet while learning new ways of living and acting in harmony with natural ecosystems... for the greater good of all. Operating on the principles of mutuality and connectivity in natural systems, the RCI helps local projects expand their impact via a network system in which they share and collaborate. 

0aq8uRbiqGVznryjLWUQ06knZsm8mfLsHgH_Q1c-BRc.png JustOne Organics™ Gentle Dry Centers are the first licensee projects to join the RCI.The RCI will help these local food projects regenerate local and global food economies by creating: 

  •     * Reliable market for organic farmers
  •     * Vertically integrated green jobs
  •     * More resilient food systems
  •     * Viable, thriving communities

JustOne Organics™ projects are being undertaken by local RCI licensees in California, Hawaii, Colorado and beyond. This revolutionary product and business model is paving the way to strong local food systems for us all.  

JustOne Organics™ local drying centers turn fresh produce into gently-dried whole fruit and whole vegetable flakes, while supporting local farming, soil health, body health and community vitality. Welcome Aboard JustOne Organics™

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