Nutritive Dehydration Centers

The Nutritive Dehydration Center (NDC) is a high-impact, local food system project that drives significant change for farm business stability by increasing reliable market for organic local food.

NDCs dehydrate organic fruits and vegetables into highly nutritive, delicious and attractive flakes and powders that are sold in health food stores as organic baby food and other dehydrated food products, and wholesaled as ingredients to food manufacturers and organic flavor and ingredient buyers nationally and internationally.

Profitable Engines for the Local Organic Food Economy

The first two licensees in the RCI system are West Sonoma Regenerative Community Development Company in Northern California and Regenerative Community Development of Colorado. The social enterprise business model for these and future NDC licensees is to:

  • Buy predictable quantities of local produce
  • Add value and resell at a profit to vertically integrated markets
  • Encourage local farmers to grow more food.
  • Increase the ability of our communities to feed themselves

RCI licensees develop Nutritive Dehydration Centers in their communities with assistance and asset-sharing support of the RCI system. These Centers operate as local, socially conscious and profitable businesses committed to enhancing food security in their communities, while creating green jobs and local resiliency.

Each Nutritive Dehydration Center will create up to $4.3 Million per year in new market for organic local farmers, beginning the first full year of operations.

Food is a powerful way to bring communities together. Other licensees in communities across the USA will be coming on board this year to participate in the RCI collaborative asset sharing network and launch their own NDCs. The RCI will develop a global network of NDCs in order to coordinate reliable supply of an expanding variety of crops for our products, and as engines for thriving organic local food systems.

For more about becoming a licensee and starting an NDC business in your local area, click here

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